the stranger tours team

We brainstormed the idea for Stranger Tours in the summer of 2017 ('we' being total nerd besties Camille & Kelly, along with our husbands, D.J. & Tyler). The four of us have been friends for years. After the premiere of the first season of Stranger Things, we became huge fans of the show (...what's not to love, right?). After learning it was filmed close to home, we started putting in work to scout the locations during our free time.

After visiting these locations multiple times & posting pictures on our own personal social media accounts, we got a lot of feedback from friends & acquaintances wanting us to bring them along on our next location scouting, & even asking which organized tour we were on. Stranger Things has blown up, & for good reason! So, we asked ourselves, why not make an exciting new business out of something we have so much fun with? Thus, our tour idea stemmed.

After a lot of perseverance & bugging the heck out of some Netflix reps to make sure we could legally run our tours with no Netflix affiliation whatsoever, we got the go-ahead for our idea & took off running with it. Last year, the two of us partnered in forming an LLC & became business owners together. We are psyched for each of these experiences & hope to create lasting memories for any fellow fans that choose to join us on one of our tours.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help navigate the booking process & look forward to any feedback we receive!


See you in the Upside Down!